Phrases I Loathe

I read a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Most of my time spent every day at wok is reading. Most of my work at home is reading. My biggest hobby is reading. I probably spend at least ten hours of every day reading. Naturally, when I am consuming this much written word, there have come to be strings of words that I hate. Mostly, I hate these turns of phrase because of their frequent use as a way of excusing the rest of the statement:  

 For What It’s Worth: I mean, come on. If you don’t know what something is worth, why are you saying/writing/sharing it. You should decide its worth, phrase it accordingly, decide on the reaction you want (and have it before anyone else can), and commit. Saying “for what its worth” makes the suggest that you’re not committed to this idea. If that’s the case, find an idea you can commit to and share that instead.  

 Having said that: This is just a way to say something and then completely disagree with yourself and make it seem like it’s proving some point. Saying, “I hate vegetables,” immediately followed by, “having said that, I love beets”, sure makes it seem like your loving beets is statistically significant when calculating your level of human charm. It’s manipulative.  

 One thing lead to another annnnnnd: if this is the only way you can think of to describe an interesting event, than the event in and of itself wasn’t interesting. 

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