Light Reading

Maybe you’re wondering if I’m any fun to be around, everything I’ve posted is some heavy, academic work that seems like work just to move through. I swear – sometimes I like to read about a light romantic summer fling between a personal injury lawyer in Mobile and her client’s ex-husband. I love reading pulp and trash and book club books – I just don’t often find myself compelled to write about them afterwards.  

 For every blog post here about some Freud cultural condemnation or political assertion that society is crumbling as we know it, I’ve read a half-dozen YA serials or romantic middle-aged lady pornos. Those just don’t often provide the kind of richness necessary to make a follow-up essay seem interesting.  

 Oh and I do reread the Harry Potter series every other year, to keep my brain fresh, look for new treats, and catch up with my oldest and first friends! That was the adventure I’ll spend the rest of my like reading and looking for.  

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