About Us

We’re a literature analysis group out of Chicago’s North Side taking turns to provide literary analyses for no other reason than to share little glimpses into our community. What started with a simple essay entitled Lewis Carroll Makes Perennial Adventure has turned into a monthly reading and writing group. We typically choose one book or article each month and members who feel compelled write a short response to share with the group.

We don’t publish or seek payment, we write so that something never before written can be. We provide feedback and edits to one another’s writing so that should they wish to submit for publication, they are able. This blog is meant to feature the writing that is produced from our group, found to be meaningful, but not desirous of publication.

Check back for updates from our members. And reach out to us directly if you’d like to discuss either joining our group or at least getting updates about what we’re reading so that the posted essays may be more meaningful to you.

Thanks! And Welcome! And be nice here!

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